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Night active Kid


N4KID alias Maximilian Sude got his first foodsteps in to techno 2010.
He Started with Hardtechno with influences from Djs like Major Eush, Andreas Kraemer, Sven Wittekind and Chris Liebing.

2018 He started Building a studio and only one year Later he got his first release on the english Label
Bubblejam under the Alias Sude&Steier. The EP. Named Sound & Silence attrated attention in the sceene and so he got choosed to mix the big Techno 2020 CD compilation together with the Techno legend Andreas Kraemer and Je Saré who taked place on the other 2 mix CDs.

During the time of the corona pandemic, he spent a lot of time in the studio and with his further development of his style. Now today he is back with his new Artist Brand N4KID.
under which he will continue his career in the future.

In summer 2021 N4KID alias Maximilian Sude was selected again to mix the Mix CD series Techno 2021. This time he even added 2 CDs for the compilation series. The third CD was mixed by the well known Vanessa Sukowski.

After the first single under the alias Sude & Steier, the debut single will follow in November 2021 under the new alias N4KID. The title is called XTC and none other than Shadym has created a remix for it.

A lot is planned for 2022, stay tuned and stay night active!