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SLT (DJ + Producer)

SLT, from Munich/Germany started DJ-ing with 12 years in the youth centre. His beginnings back then been Hip-Hop, Breakdance and Electro. Eearly 90's he changed to Acid, later widening his musical horizon with Techno, House and Progressive. Living in Munich, far far away from the up and coming capital for Techno, Frankfurt, with its worldwide known Clubs Dorian Gray, etc., everybody in Munich developed a totally different sound than the rest of Germany.

The Munich Style was even in the early 90's fast, dynamic, very percussive, Shuffle-Beats etc.. As a member of Construct Rhythm with Andreas Kraemer, he created a very unique style.

In 2004 he decided it is time for a change and moved to London, just to focus on music. He found a studio where he worked with his complete Analogue Gear. In the Studio, he and his Production-Partner finished 5 E.P.s plus 1 double Vinyl Album and where looking for a Label to Release, again being refused with the usual Answers, we dont know you and you dont sound sellable enough.

Unfortunately, all Mastertapes and his Equipment was lost in a Fire at the Studio due to a burglary in May 2006. Then, in July 2006, he decided to move back to Germany, was gutsmacked and finished DJ-ing and producing. All what was left then was his 2 Turntables, a Mixer and a massive collection of around 32.000 Vinyls. After some Classic-Techno Gigs in 2015/2016, the Gigs became more and more and the idea of DJ-ing again grown in his Mind.
2019, he is active with Kraemer and as solo Artist, playing Techno & Progressive Set's as SLT.