André Walter, the man behind the STIGMATA project, started his career as a producer in the 1980’s. Influenced by bands like Skinny Puppy, Cabaret Voltaire, Nitzer Ebb and the artist Isao Tomita, André started to experimentalize with his first audio tools (Atari 1040ST) and tracks. From that time on he evolved to a frequently requested producer, supporting various musicians, dj’s and artists. André’s first releases were published on Sven Väth’s labels Harthouse (as Holocube) & Eye-Q (as Aquaform) and other famous labels of that time like Kick Down, Fucking Loud and Universal Prime Breaks. 

In 1994, André ran into Chris Liebing at the popular record store Downtown Records in Giessen / Germany, where a lot of renowned DJ’s were buying their vinyls. From that 
time till 2005, almost every Chris Liebing release was influenced and co-produced by 
André Walter. 

To create a platform for their own tracks and productions, André Walter, Tommy Bingel, Toni Rios and Chris Liebing launched their own label SOAP Records soon. André’s projects were named Noosa Heads (in cooperation with Chris Liebing) and E.H.R. (featuring 
Chris Liebing and Toni Rios). Besides the well working cooperation with Chris Liebing, André also did studio sessions with artists like Monika Kruse, Thomas Krome, Umek, Marshall Jefferson, Gayle San or Frank Lorber. 

In 1998, André and Chris began to intensify their studio partnership and focused on Chris’ productions. Within a short period of time the newly started labels AUDIO, CLR and CLAU developed to „most-wanted“ brands and global players like Primate, Intec or Ground were hiring the duo to produce songs and remixes. André’s taste of the deep and gloomy and his passion for horrormovies had a deep impact on the AUDIO follow-up project STIGMATA, which has played a major role in the development of modern techno and gained worldwide recognition. With STIGMATA, André is able to show his almost endless pool of creativity, as well as his passion for myth and cabalistic writing. 

The prolific cooperation with Chris Liebing resulted in winning the “Best Producer Award” at the German Dance Awards 2001. Countless successful productions like Chris Liebing’s concept longplayer EVOLUTION and a proper number of STIGMATA records followed and received worldwide recognition, as well as their remixes for John Starlight’s “Blood Angels”, Tiga’s “Sunglasses at Night”, Sven Väth’s „Breakthrough“ or “Seven Nation Army“ by the White Stripes, to name only a few. 

André always breaks new ground and puts innovation into practice. So he did in 2005: With his release “Dark Listening”, which is a more quiet one, André created a dark and mystical journey of spherical sounds and effects, comparable to the famous literary work “Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque” by Edgar Allen Poe.

Since the succesful launch of the STIGMATA project, fans and colleagues constantly asked him why he never brought his sound to the stages of clubs and festivals by playing on his own. And in 2007, after a well preparation, he finally did it! He liked the new experience and from then on, he’s playing gigs in Germany and all over Europa regularly, always bringing the typical STIGMATA sound directly to the floors. 

Ten years and numerous releases later, it’s time for the next milestone in André’s career: 
He finished STIGMATA – Paraspectral, the first concept longplayer for his STIGMATA project. With this album, he’s showing his pretty wide range of Electronic Music on the brand new German label Modular Source.
It is a symbiosis of Modern and Old School Techno from different decades. You will find EBM-influenced sound from the 80’s, 90’s-rooted Rave & Acid, old school STIGMATA tracks and of course, proper Techno of nowadays on this spectacular album.

All tracks have one thing in common with his shows: 
Uncompromising TECHNO, made to kick some ass on the dancefloor!