Sude und Steier is a guarantee for modern techno, which driving the clubs to a boil. The two Germans have a passion for techno and are involved with body and soul.Their debut single, which will be released in late October 2020, is anything but inconspicuous. 

With 2 energetic tracks and a remix of none other than Stigmata (Andre Walter) they set a clear signal and it can already be seen that this will be the start of a lot more to come. Sude, who found electronic music at the age of 16 had a musical education in early childhood, and his roots are found in hard techno.

Over the years, however, it has not stayed that way and with the wish for more he opened up technoin all facets from which his own Steel developed. Melodic, driving and rough is the path he has taken and twith that he is right on trend.

The mutual friendship that he and Steier have cultivated for many years as well as the love for electronic music, with one goal in mind, brought the two of them to launch the Sude and Steier project into the world. Steier, who also had his first musical experiences 

with drums and guitar at a young age, had his first contact with electronic music at the age of 19 and felt right at home there. If an essence is allowed to be harder, he also serves and delivers there without compromise and with passionate dedication.Both have already impressed with their sets at several events and brought the crowd to a boil. 

The two have caught the attention of some renowned artists, which is also evident in the remix lineup of their productions. So you can look forward to the following releases. Both are currently in the studio and use the time to bundle their creativity with the result of grade A techno. The two are a guarantee for unforgettable nights. Whether club, festival or stream you get what you expect. Techno without compromises.